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Is there no balm in Gilead; is there no physician there? why then is not the health of the daughter of my people recovered?

Jeremiah 8:22

Natural Remedies for the Shop; Home; Office; Field & Forest; and Every Where Else!

GMO's & ®Round-Up Ready Crops®

What Are They?

The very short answer is: MAD [Misguided And Deceitful] Science. A slightly longer answer follows: GMO's are Genetically Modified Organisms wherein DNA gene splicing between different organisms or species is performed which results in transgenic plants and organisms.

MAD Scientists goaded on by huge profits devised the plan to Genetically Modify food and other crops to be immune to the chemical herbicide, glyphosate aka ®RoundUp®. Their reasoning was: Then the modified crops could be sprayed with the powerful herbicide, ®RoundUp®, and no expensive and time consuming weed control would be needed. Farmers would maximize their productivity, their time, and their profits. They claimed that ®Round-Up Ready Crops® would feed the world, and there would be no more hunger or food shortages! But far more importantly the producers of the product would reap obscenely enormous profits, world wide, with this patented 'so called' science and technology.

Everything seemed to go on OK, but only for a very short while. There turned out to be significant and disastrous health problems which were totally ignored and covered-up by the manufacturer of the product. The United States government gave this company Carte Blanche to do as they would and allowed them to be self regulated.

Do you suppose that it is safe to eat glyposate on your food? Should you be so slothful, as I was, in failing to make yourself knowledgeable about GMO's, you better be ready to pay a very, very high price for your ignorance. This is a case where ignorance is not 'bliss'! Literally, GMO's can kill you, and debilitate you - as has happened repeatedly in India and other countries. They can exert long term effects in human beings and animals - even after use of them has ceased! Consider unborn babies in the womb, infants, toddlers, and small children exposed to these disastrous genetic experiments!

Guess what? It turns out that weeds are developing resistance to glyphosate, aka ®RoundUp®; and the manufacturer is devising stronger and more powerful versions of its products: It has been reported that they are looking at the herbicide - Agent Orange! Can you imagine, Agent Orange Ready Crops? Are you ready to be the Guinea pig for more MAD Science?

The Natural Remedy for this horrible experiment on human life gone wrong is to make yourself knowledgeable about GMO's that you may protect yourself and your loved ones. Please do read the very next section on Bt-Toxin and the Natural Remedy for Bt-Toxins and GMO's. May this HealthPage ever be to your eternal profit! Amein & Amein! Shalom.

Bt-Toxin - Bacillus thuringiensis - 'Induced' Food Allergies

What Is It?

Bacillus thuringiensis, Bt, is an organism [bacterium] that exists in the soil, and in the stomachs of some insects and insect larvae mainly caterpillars and butterflies. Bacillus thuringiensis exhibits strong insecticidal properties and has long been used as a commercial insecticide, even in organic farming! Read more about it here.

How Does It Work?

The action of Bacillus thuringiensis on insects is very interesting, and particularly appalling. The endotoxins, Cry and Cyt proteins which are produced by Bacillus thuringiensis cause the stomach/gut of insects which consume Bacillus thuringiensis, and/or the Cry and Cyt Toxins to be perforated by the death of a localized groups of intestinal cells [the actual mechanism of death is not completely understood], and this causes the death of the offending insect.

MAD [Misguided And Deceitful] Science and GMO's

Researchers hoping to harness the insecticidal action of Bt-toxin discovered a way to Genetically Modify [plant] Organisms [GMO's]: whereby they insert genes from the bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis into a plant so as to cause the plant to produce toxic Cry and Cyt proteins. The plants so modified are supposedly impervious to insect attack. Those who are in support this MAD science claim that the action of Cry and Cyt proteins are highly specific to the intended target; and that it will not cause collateral damage to 'non-target goods' [other species]. More responsible researchers are discovering that the manufacturer's claims to 'specificity' are clearly false and deceptive.

Can δ-Endotoxic Cry & Cyt Proteins Hurt You? - Yes, They Most Certainly Will

These Delta-Endotoxins [Δ-Endotoxins, or δ-Endotoxins] cause the same carnage of intestinal wall cells in the human digestive system; and when consumed the action on the gut results in a perforated or 'leaky gut'. When the intestines becomes perforated, food particles escape into the body cavity. The immune system sees the food particles as 'foreign invaiders' and creates an immune response. Antibodies are formed against the food particles that have leaked into the body cavity out of the perforated gut: and now, every time, when those same foods which had leaked into the body cavity are consumed an 'allergic' response is initiated by the immune system; and a food allergy/s is/are born. But this is only the tip of the ice berg!

What Other Dangers do δ-Endotoxins [Cry & Cyt proteins] Pose?

The Delta-Endotoxins, Cry & Cyt proteins, cause the death of kidney cells. These same proteins cause the death of testicular cells. Ultimately, if you consume enough Bt-Toxin Genetically Modified Organisms frequently enough, they will kill you dead! Some other things than can happen before death occurs are: rapid aging; changes in blood chemistry; kedney damage; lack of fertility; severe skin itching; upper respiratory tract problems; and eye allergy complications. As more research is conducted there will be more known problems to emerge.

A particularly disturbing thought is that among those who are Autistic there is a very high incidence of leaky gut syndrome. We must ask ourselves, Are we inducing Autism into the population with GMO food crops?

Where Do The Dangers of Bt-Toxins, Δ-Endotoxins, Exist?

The dangers of Bt-Toxins are as close as your refrigerator, your grocery store, your local supermarket, and perhaps even your garden. Every time you buy commercially grown Corn in the United States of America at one of these places there is a 85% chance that it is GMO corn. 91% of the U.S.A. commercial Soy Bean crop is GMO. And there is a huge amount of Bt-Toxin cotton being produced world wide - What about your clothing?

So, What Is the Natural Remedy for GMO's & Bt-Toxins?

  1. Stop Buying GMO Food and Products - Today, Right Now, Don't Wait Any Longer!

  2. Replace GMO Foods with Organic Foods

    Not all food crops are Genetically Modified - Soy Beans; Corn; Canola Oil; Sugar Beets; Rice; Cottonseed Oil; Livestock Feed; and Cotton are the most common GMO crops today with more on the way, courtesy of MAD scientists.
  3. Grow Your Own Food from Organic and/or Heirloom Seed - This May Be the Safest and Healthiest Approach

    As expensive as Organic Food is to purchase in the markets, the labor involved in cultivating your own garden, and the cost of water and etc. might start to make sense to you. And there are other benefits to the work of growing your own food. Among the wonderful benefits of growing your own food is exercise; fresh air; satisfaction; watching Yahweh give the increase to your labors; and peace.
  4. Alternatively, Eliminate Any & All GMO Food Items From Your Diet!

    For example do not eat Corn, or Soy Beans/Soy Bean Products any more. If you are in a situation [prison, resthome, hospital, etc.] where choices are very limited, this option makes sense.

Who Is Most At Risk?

Without a doubt, everyone is at high risk when exposed to GMO foods! But out of necessity this short and surely incomplete and perhaps not well ordered list will suggest the greatest danger of exposure to GMO foods and products.

You Don't Have to Eat a Lot of GMO Foods, or Have Frequent Exposure to GMO's

Of course the higher the exposure the sooner the problems will manifest themselves, and the more intense they will be. But, the dangers are very real with - even very low levels of exposure!

My Testimony: I was eating perhaps as much as two to five ears of corn a week when corn was in season; and I developed very real and significant problems. Medical doctors did not understand: I did not understand; but I finally realized I was suffering from food allergies. I had never had any food allergies before!

My Confession: As a youngster, there were some foods that I intensely disliked [Brussel sprouts, fried turnips and parsnips, cooked beets, and the worst of all - my mother's tomato aspic], and I would say I am allergic to that stuff, but it was a lie: I wasn't allergic, it just didn't please me in the least! This was pretty close to the dawn of the 'Fast Food' era; and my tastes were perverted by high fat, high sugar, and high salt foods.

I had heard of the dangers of GMO's but I had not bothered to make myself knowledgeable. It was not until one of the saints of the kingdom circulated a U-Tube video entitled Genetic Roulette that I finally fully understood what was happening to me. I was being poisoned with GMO foods; even at very low levels of exposure! This 'science' is not responsible, moral, or ethical, period paragraph! With knowledge we have the power to stay healthy - get smart!

Important Natural Remedies

  1. Hydrogen Peroxide

  2. Hydrogen Peroxide is a chemical compound that is naturally found [in small amounts] in natural environment. Hydrogen Peroxide contains two Hydrogen atoms and two Oxygen atoms, H²0². Hydrogen Peroxide is an oxidizing agent - that is, it will readily release Oxygen molecules [2 H²O² = 2 H²0 + ]. Which when released, the Oxygen atoms/molecules, then readily combine with other substances; or, in other words, it oxidizes them. It exerts a bleaching acton on organic materials.

    A 3% solution of Hydrogen Peroxide in water is one of the most overlooked and effective disinfectant, antiseptic, and anti-microbial agents available. It is very low in cost; highly available; and generally safe in very low concentrations such as 3% for external application; and it is generally stable.

    High concentrations of Hydrogen Peroxide are powerful oxidizers and must be handled with great caution! Hydrogen Peroxide is such a powerful oxidizing agent that it is even used to fuel rocket engines. It can be used as the sole fuel source; or combined with another/other fuel/fuels. It has been used to propel torpedoes as well.

    Because Hydrogen Peroxide rapidly and easily breaks down [deteriorates] when exposed to sunlight, it is stored in opaque containers. But even in a brown glass bottle or brown plastic container, it is still wise to keep it away from the light to preserve it effectiveness.

    Hydrogen Peroxide is not generally used internally. However, some people use Hydrogen Peroxide internally in very dilute, putting small amounts of 3% H<sub>2</sub>O<sub>2</sub> diluted even further in water to oxygenate the system for the purpose of killing bacterial, fungal, and viral infections. Should you desire more information: log on to these web-sites: Waves Forest and H2O2; and also Oxygenation Therapy. Do not attempt to do implement this treatment without first thoroughly researching this topic! Note: The hyper-links offered here do not represent a thorough investigation of the matter.

    A 3% solution of Hydrogen Peroxide is effective for cleaning and disinfecting wounds. It is also effective for inhibiting/stopping capillary and small blood vessel bleeding. The effectiveness of Hydrogen Peroxide as a disinfectant is the result of its free release of Oxygen molecules, , when it is poured into the wound - the free Oxygen kills and destroys microbes, oxidizing them..

    Consider that should you have a WaterPik®, it can be effectively used to squirt or pulse Hydrogen Peroxide in to the wound to clean and disinfect it. This could be make it very useful and effective in cleaning and disinfecting deeper wounds and/or wounds that are contaminated with dirt and debris.
  3. Honey

  4. Honey is a wonderful substance! As a food source it is superbly sweet and full of nutrition. As a healing agent it is extraordinary! Honey possesses anti-septic and anti-microbial properties not even all of which are fully understood in these times of great increase in scientific and medical knowledge. Honey is used in natural healing both externally and internally.

    Caution: Babies and children should not be fed honey because there may be dangerous, naturally occurring Botulism Spores present in the Honey. Older children have a more developed digestive tract that will destroy such spores, but infants are still susceptible.

    Caution: Care must be used when harvesting honey from feral or wild hives because honey from poisonous plants, for example, honey produced from Oleander Flowers can cause Honey Intoxication.

    Honey is an unique substance - primarily used by human beings as a sweetener. It is produced by honey bees from the nectar of flowers. This will not sound appetizing; but the process of honey making occurs by the bee repeatedly regurgitating partially digested flower nectar. This process of repeated regurgitation removes the majority of water from the flower nectar and purifies and concentrates it into honey. Usually a lower water content equals a higher grade honey.

    Notable in its healing properties, honey has the ability to generate Hydrogen Peroxide. When honey is applied to a wound, the seeping moisture from the wound interacts with the honey to form small amounts of the product - Hydrogen Peroxide.

    When honey is applied to a wound and a bandage or wrap or dressing is used to cover the honey and the wound to which it is applied too in order to keep the honey in place; keep it clean; and to protect the wound; then upon removal of the bandage, wrap, or dressing [if sufficient honey was applied at the first] it will not lift or peal any healed or healing tissue; scab or scar tissue - wounds healed with honey generally do not leave scare tissue - that has formed. This greatly alleviates the pain associated with the care of healing wounds when changing dressings.

    Note: Place a water proof covering/barrier over the bandage/dressing to keep the honey from oozing and seeping through the bandage/dressing - this will keep sufficient honey on the healing tissues and not allow the dressing to dry out - but allow the dressing to breath - do not hermetically seal the wound away from the atmosphere. Honey is a wonderful natural remedy for burns.

    Note: Honey should be kept out of the light - especially direct sunlight as exposure to light causes the Honey to loose some of its healing properties! Store Honey in a cool, dark place. Do not heat your Honey even though many sources claim that it is OK. Honey will begin to loose some of its properties even from exposure to very low heat - just a little over 100° Fahrenheit.

    Note: not all honey is equal. For maximum healing benefit and properties the honey should be Pure - Raw - Uncooked - Unheated Honey. Not all varieties of Honey are equal: the variety of honey refers to the type of flower nectar that the honey bees used to produce the honey. The healing properties of Clover honey will differ from those of Orange Blossom or Wild Flower honeys, and etc.

    Manuka Honey is one type of honey with consistently excellent healing properties. Wild Flower Honey is a good choice if Manuka Honey is not available. If the need is immediate and there is any good honey available, it will be better to dress the wound with the honey that is available than not to dress it at all.

    The University of Waikato Honey Research Unit has made available much information on the use of Honey to dress wounds. Click either this hyperlink or the next to see practical information on How to Dress Wounds.

    Internally Honey may be used as a curative. When the drugs and medicines of this world are of no avail - God's natural provision for His people has not changed; and neither does it change, nor will it change!

    Drug resistant strains of microbes can effectively be treated with Natural Remedies. This posting, In medicine, speaks about Honey's ability to destroy drug resistant strains of bacteria; and notably about curing chronic rhino-sinusitis caused by drug resistant biofilms.

    Beside treating wounds and burns, Honey is effective in treating sore throat; diabetic ulcers; bed sores: keep learning and keep studying: there is much, much more to learn!

  5. Comfrey Root

  6. Comfrey Root is renown for its bone mending properties. Comfrey Root brings about healing by causing cell proliferation. Comfrey is used in burns and other tissue injuries as well.

    Comfrey may be used as a poultice, prepared as a tea, formulated into a salve. Comfrey Root is one of the key ingredients of Bone, Flesh, and Cartilage [BF&C]. For a more in-depth study of Comfrey Root; and its uses; and Bone, Flesh, and Cartilage herbal remedies see: Dr. John Christopher's BF&C natural herbal remedies.

    Charles Wilson operates Madison Mission in Leicester, North Carolina is another fine source for herbs, herbal formulations, herbal salves and compounds. Their address is: Box 693; Leicester, NC 28748; USA. Phone number: (828) 622-0123.

    Bone Flesh and Cartilage Formula

    For those who wish to formulate and compound your own herbal remedies, here is a list of Ingredients for Bone, Flesh, & Cartilage:

    • 6 parts Comfrey Root
    • 6 parts Oak Bark
    • 3 parts Gravel Root
    • 3 parts Mullein
    • 2 parts Wormwood
    • 3 parts Marshmallow Root
    • 1 parts Skullcap
    • 2 parts Walnut Bark

    Bees wax, olive oil, and [perhaps] wheat germ oil may be used to make a carrier base for the Bone, Flesh, & Cartilage herbal compound in order to formulate a salve.
  7. Tooth Ache - Tooth Decay

  8. Bay leaves [the same Bay leaves (Laurus nobilis, Lauraceae) used to spice cooked food] contain anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. Leaves from the Bay Laurel - (Laurus nobilis, Lauraceae) have the distinction of inhibiting tooth decay. This is extraordinary useful in 'preventative medicine'.

    Not only do Bay Leaves help prevent tooth decay; they are, also, a powerful medicine to alleviate tooth-ache. Put one or two bay leaves in your mouth between the upper and lower jaws, or between the cheek and the gum/s of the affected tooth or teeth and suck on them. Allow one-quarter to three-quarters of an hour and the pain is likely to have either abated or disappeared. But continue to suck on the leaves until you are able to chew on them, and then lightly chew on them. Use them for several days or until the tooth-ache does not return. Do not swallow them, they are far to stiff and tough. The sharp ends, stems, and edges can cut and scratch your digestive tract! It would be an excellent idea to use Bay Leaves occasionally as above in the practice of our dental health, and in our food preparation when cooking becomes necessary.

    Dried bay leaves are readily available to purchase in the spice section of the super market; and they are quite modest in cost. Leaves of the Bay Laurel (Laurus nobilis, Lauraceae) contain a compound called eugenol. Eugenol is an anti-inflammatory agent and a powerful antioxidant. Eugenol is also found in Cloves.

    In fact, Eugenol is the main ingredient in the essential oil of Clove, about 80%. Eugenol is an anesthetic and an antiseptic. My father was a dentist; I can clearly remember that two of the essential oils he used were cloves, and eucalyptus. Let us next consider the use of Essential Oils.
  9. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a condition caused by a swelling of tissues surrounding the median nerve which passes through the wrist via the narrow Carpal Tunnel: When the tissues are swollen in this nerve passage-way of the wrist, then pressure is placed on the median nerve which causes all the discomforting and debilitating symptoms. Relieving the swelling is the goal of stopping the pain, discomfort, tingling, and debility of this condition. There are lots of Web-sites devoted to this common condition. Some of the recommendations found in such Web-sites include:
      Wrist braces or immobilizing the wrist
      Ice-packs which are temporarily effective treatment
      Surgery which is costly, and most generally only a very temporary solution
      Ceasing Activities which exacerbate the symptoms - not always possible or desirable
      Stretching and Wrist exercises
      Decreasing salt consumption - generally the least commonly mentioned of remedies

    Decreasing salt/sodium consumption might be the best and most effective remedy of them all! However, for many people this very effective remedy will not be an option - for they will not give up self and self-pleasuring! But if you desire to be active again without the discomfort, pain, and debility of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: the Creator - YAH is his name - can and will help you to overcome all things when no other one is able!

    I suggest that salt consumption be eliminated for a period of one, two, or three weeks. If there is improvement you are on the right track. Then you may try cutting your former salt (sodium) consumption down to one-quarter of the previous amount of salt used in the diet. If the condition worsens, once more, then that is too much sodium (at least for now). If, on the other hand, the condition continues to improve, you may be able to add more sodium to the diet - try one-third to one-half of your previous sodium/salt consumption. Eventually you will find your tolerance for salt in the diet. It is very much healthier to use only that salt which is necessary for living.

    Excessive salt/sodium in the diet is very detrimental to health. It can cause such things as high blood pressure, high eye pressures, calcium loss, arthritis pain, and etc. Get healthy, Cut the Salt - Today!
  10. Herpes Virus

  11. There are several forms of the Herpes virus. The reader is greatly encouraged to study and research the topic for himself - there is no shortage of information, scientific literature, and/or material available on this topic. The medical establishment claims that the Herpes Virus is incurable - that the virus, after its initial outbreak and infection and supression, remains latent (hibernates awaiting conditions to be ripe for re-emerging) in the infected person among cell bodies of neurons thus escaping any further action from the immune system.

    The immune system ordinarily suppresses recurent herpes infections; but if the immune system itself is suppressed then run-away viral replication of the herpes virus can occur. Any thing that hinders the immune system from doing its job can be problematic: Things such as not enough sleep; over exertion; drug and alcohol use; and poor diet. In the matter of diet, Lectin Proteins can be a formidable problem! Lectin proteins from Milk and its products; Wheat and its products; Soy and its products; and Corn and its products can wreak havoc with the immune system, perhaps, even anesthetizing it and putting it to sleep! To read more about Lectin Proteins, please visit And, also for more information on powerful and potent herbal remedies for Herpes, please make sure to see the information on Lomatium disectum & Sinusitis which immediately follows this section on Herpes.

    However, not all people beleve that the Herpes virus is incurable. Dr. Mercola states that an ingredient of Coconut Oil which contains Lauric Acid can destroy many lipid coated viruses including the Herpes virus and even the Hepatitis C virus. Coconut oil is available in several diferent forms: Organic Virgin Coconut Oil; Refined Coconut Oil; and Partially Hydrogenated Coconut Oil. Only the first product, Organic, Virgin Coconut Oil should be used! The next paragraph deals with the essential amino acid L-Lysine and its interaction with the Herpes virus.

    The essential amino acid L-Lysine may, possibly, be a useful tool in dealing with and managing Herpes virus infections. L-Lysine is a common amino acid found in most foods; but particularly in high concentrations in protein rich foods. L-Lysine appears to be effective by inhibiting replication of the Herpes virus.

    It is important to note that there is another amino acid, L-Arginine, that appears to promote replication of the Herpes virus; and it is commonly found in most foods. In fact, the two amino acids, L-Lysine and Arginine (L-Arginine) most often occur together, side by side, in the same foods in varing amounts. This knowledge will allow the infected person (or his caretaker) to choose dietary foods that are high in L-Lysine while avoiding foods that are high in Arginine or L-Arginine.

    Additionally it should be noted that pure L-Lysine can be purchased as a dietary supplement. Typically L-Lysine is consumed with food or beverage. A small amount of L-Lysine powder can even be applied topically to the infected sore or on area of the Herpes virus outbreak. Most neutraceutical companies that distribute dietary supplements carry L-Lysine as well as Arginine (L-Arginine). Do not confuse the two amino acids: L-Lysine inhibits virus replication; and Arginine promotes virus replication.

    Take courage in this matter. The Creator, the Most High God, says:

    "See now that I, even I, am he, and there is no god with me: I kill, and I make alive; I wound, and I heal: neither is there any that can deliver out of my hand."
    Deuteronomy 32:39

    "Bless the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits: Who forgiveth all thine iniquities; who healeth all thy diseases; Who redeemeth thy life from destruction; who crowneth thee with lovingkindness and tender mercies; Who satisfieth thy mouth with good things; so that thy youth is renewed like the eagle's. The LORD executeth righteousness and judgment for all that are oppressed."
    Psalms 103:2-6
  12. Lomatium dissectum: (Lomatium Root)/Sinusitis & Etc.

  13. For a great many people, Sinusitis may be an occasional and an uncomfortable inconvenience and an aggravation; but for a smaller number of folks who suffer almost continually with the ailment it can be/is a chronic and seemingly continual life experience: In which case it is known as chronic rhinosinusitis and may even be classified as an acute condition! For more information on Sinusitis you can check the Inter-net: Here is one web-page with some helpful material: but it is a little difficult to navigate - Medscape.

    YAHWAH our Creator has given us that which is necessary to be healthy, for it is his express will:

    Beloved ones, I pray for you to do well in every way, and be in health, as your life is doing well. 3 John 1:2 - The Scriptures 1998+

    In God's providence there is found in nature a plant of the family known as desert parsely: The particular species of interest here is called - Lomatium dissectum. This plant has some very powerfully and potent health benefits: It is "antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antiseptic, antiviral, and an immunostimulant" among other things. This listing of health benefits is copied directly from Beneficial Botanicals. When you visit Beneficial Botanicals web-page you will see, also, the sub-heading "Indications:" in bold type: Listed there is a wide variety of diseases against which Lomatium disectum is effective; and it is an impressive list including: Herpes; HIV; Pneumonia; and even Tonsillitis in the early stages. The page has an 'order now' link where the herb may be purchased.

    Another good source for Lomatium disectum is Harmony Herbs; and it is found at this web-page: Here are two telephone numbers

    1 (530) 827-3380
    1 (866) 775-1570

      On theHarmony Herbs web-site if you navigate to the Uses page you will find under the sub-heading 'Influenza - Chronic Fatigue - HIV' in the second paragraph that names Michael Murray and Joseph Pizzorno as the authors of Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine - (Prima Publishing, 1991) you will find the parsely like plant commonly known as Osha and technically known as Ligusticum porteri the authors strongly recommend Ligusticum porteri to be used in conjunction with Lomatium dissectum to treat AIDS.

  14. Essential Oils

  15. Essential Oils open a whole new world of health maintenance, prevention, and cure. The potential of Essential Oils to benefit our health is staggering: it is simply amazing what the Creator has provided to those who look to Him for their healing and health!

    Essential oils are generally produced by the distillation of flowers, leaves, bark, twigs, roots, and wood of herbs, plants, trees, bushes, and grasses so abundantly provided by the Creator, Yahweh. Sometimes essential oils are separated by mechanical means like pressing such as oils of citrus, and they can, also, be obtained by solvent extraction and enfleurage. For the most part solvent extracted oils are considered inferior to the distilled oils, and not generally as suitable for health purposes - but this in not always so, because the high heat of distillation can destroy some of the essential compounds found in flowers, herbs, roots, leaves, and etc..

    The use of these compounds [oils] to benefit healthy lifestyle goes back to antiquity. Essential oils were so highly valued for their health benefits, and healing properties that Egyptian pharaohs were able to trade essential oils with Chinese, Indian, Arabic, and other merchants for silver, gold, gemstones, slaves, and all other precious goods. However, the 'modern' age of 'medicine' and pharmacology have largely discarded and supplanted the use of essential oils for healing and health by their chemically manufactured chemicals and drugs. But it is interesting to note that some pharmaceutical companies, still today, do use and employ some of the essential oils in the manufacture of their drugs.

    The use of Essential Oils in health is a huge field of study, and it is a field most worthy of study. It is most advisable to obtain some books or other study materials on the use of essential oils if you want to take good advantage of the health benefits made available to you by the Creator through the application of Essential Oils. Essential Oils contain the essences of the plants, herbs, flowers, trees, grasses, and roots from which they are derived. They are highly concentrated liquids and considerable care must be combined with knowledge, wisdom, and understanding to effectively use them. In all reality they contain the "vital essences" of the life forces and properties [for example: mold and fungi inhibitor, insect repellence, regenerative, healing, and all other kinds of properties that a plant needs to ensure its survival] of the original plant source in highly distilled/concentrated form. Some of them are so highly concentrated, and contain properties such that they should not be applied directly to the skin without first diluting them in a carrier base or oil or other suitable medium [oil of thyme and oil of clove are two such examples].

    In order to understand how highly concentrated these compounds can be, know that just one single drop of the essential oil of Peppermint can be equal to the content of 25 or more bags/cups of Peppermint tea! Angels 3 HealthPage cannot here possibly provide a complete compendium of information on the use of these many highly-concentrated natural compounds - It is simply beyond the scope of the purpose of this Web-site [which is to help the reader to prepare and be prepared for life here and life eternal - this Web-site is for your profit!], and well beyond the knowledge of the author. You must apply yourself to this field of study. However, some examples of the uses of a few of the most important essential oils, the more popular, and the most widely used of the Essential Oils are given below:

    • Oil of Lavender

    • Without any doubt the most important, the most popular, and the most widely used of the Essential Oils is Oil of Lavender. Perhaps its most important property is the ability to heal burns of all types without scarring or infection. Perhaps, equally important is Lavender's ability to neutralize the venom of insects, spiders, and snakes. One of the amazing properties of this oil is to stimulate injured and damaged cells to regenerate more quickly! For the purposes of healing it may have no equal. Here is a short list of the many beneficial properties of Oil of Lavender:
      • Anti-Inflammatory - Reduces Inflammation
      • Anti-septic
      • Regenerative
      • Anxiolytic - Reduces anxiety and stress
      • Antidepressant
      • Circulatory stimulant
      • Detoxifier

      It is used to treat these conditions among others - study to show yourself approved of the Creator who has so graciously provided all these things that we might have life, and have life more abundantly. Here is the listing of some of the conditions treated by Oil of Lavender:
      • Head Lice
      • Bronchitis
      • Asthma
      • Headache
      • Migraine
      • Hysteria
      • Nausea
      • Fainting
      • Insomnia
      • Arthritis and Rheumatism
      • Skin conditions like: Eczema, Dermatitis, Boils, Sores, Ulcers, Bed Sores, and Acne
      • Sunburn and Sun Stroke

      How to Use Oil of Lavender

      Buy a book on the use of Essential Oils! One that I like and recommend is "The Complete Book of Essential Oils & AromaTherapy" by Valerie Ann Wormwood: ISBN 978-0-931432-82-8. Go on-line and start studying and reading. Go to the public library. Even borrow a book. But get some guidance. You can also consult an experienced practitioner in the use of Essential Oils. Brother Yoseph of Cottonwood, Arizona, U.S.A., for example, is an experienced essential oils practitioner: He recommends the book, Modern Essentials published and distributed by Abundant Health. ISBN 978-0-984265-88-6 But please - get some guidance!

      1. It may be applied directly to the skin for some applications and uses like burns, sunburn, snake bites, and insect bites and stings.
      2. Dilute a few drops of Essential Oil into a teaspoon or tablespoon depending on the need and use of a carrier oil [vegetable oil] such as extra virgin Olive Oil; Jojoba Oil; Almond Oil; and etc. Use the mixture to massage the affected area.
      3. Add a few drops of the desired oil or mixture of oils to a warm bath to which two small handfuls of Epson Salts and one small handful of Rock Salt have been added.
      4. A sun screen can be made by mixing a few drops of Lavender Oil with sesame seed oil which is a naturally blocks the sun's rays.
      5. The vapors of the oil may be inhaled directly from the bottle, or a drop or two placed on a tissue or handkerchief and placed loosely over the moth and nostrils and inhaled. Alternatively, several drops may be placed in a bowl of hot water and a towel draped over the head making an enclosure around the bowl and the vapors inhaled in that manner.

      These are just a few examples of How to Use Essential Oils. Get a Reference Book on the use of Essential Oils - please, and use it, read it, study it, and keep it for a reference, and continued study!

      But beside healing, Oil of Lavender has many other uses. For one, it smells absolutely, delightfully wonderful, and is used in perfumes and cosmetics and household items such as Sachets, on pillows and bedding! It is a natural deterrent and repellant to insects like ants and moths. And it may be used in the preparation of foods to enhance flavors. How about making your own soap?
    • Oil of Peppermint

    • Oil of Peppermint is a powerful anti-inflammatory! It is an antiseptic. It is very useful for promoting good digestion. Oil of Peppermint is useful in treating nausea. Peppermint is used for the treatment of breathing difficulties, the respiratory system, and the also the circulatory system. It is good for treating headache, as well as toothache. And it can be used to fight off fatigue because it is a natural stimulant.

      And if all this weren't enough, there is much more! Peppermint will deter mice, ants, fleas, and other insects. It is useful in making teas, cold drinks and iced deserts, food preparation. It may also be used as an anti-flatulent. It is useful in treating migrane. And Oil of Peppermint is used to treat skin irritations.
    • Oil of Geranium

    • Oil of Tea Tree

    • Oil of Eucalyptus

Some of the Essential Oils are suitable to be used in the preparation, and even the preservation of food stuffs - be careful that these [in some cases] intense aromas and flavors do not overpower your recipes, and the taste buds of those who consume them.

Often times individual Essential Oils are combined and used in blends that enhance the properties and effects of each individual oil contained within a particular blend so that the end result is greater than the just the sum total, where each oil in the mixture were used singularly, one application at a time: This is called synergy, or a synergistic blend of essential oils. There are no limits to what Yahweh is able to do! Amein.

Essential Oils are generally expensive, and this is by the nature of the process by which they are collected and concentrated. I read that a couple farming on the island of Crete used one hundred pounds and ten pounds of lavender flowers to yield approximately one-half gallon of Lavender Oil. The process is labor intensive and resource intensive, not to mention, to a degree, energy intensive.

It may be a golden idea to learn how to produce your own Essential Oils. In her book, Valerie Ann Worwood describes a very simple method using nothing more than a tea kettle, a heat resistant and food grade plastic hose, a bucket of ice, a collection pail/container, pure water, and a source of heat. She says to seal one end of the plastic hose in the spout of the tea kettle, loop the plastic hose down into a bucket of ice and then back up letting the other end drop into the collection container/pan. Fill the tea kettle with the item to be distilled and add water to the top. Heat the kettle and the 'oil' will condense in the iced loop of the plastic hose in the bucket of ice. Water will need to be added as it boils off into steam. Keep adding or recharging the tea kettle with the chosen plant material. Again, collect the highly prized Essential Oil found condensed in the loop of the plastic hose in the iced bucket. And also do collect the fragrant water at the end of the hose to use for soaps, colognes, and other uses.

Please remember:

The Lord is a God of knowledge.... 1 Samuel 2:3

But through knowledge shall the just be delivered.... Proverbs 11:9

Make yourself knowledgeable. Study the word of God. Seek diligently how to make practical application of the knowledge that God has given us to your lives. Seek diligently how to walk by faith in the Word of God, and not by sight. Seek Wisdom earnestly, and let it not go. Apply yourselves to study and to learn knowledge and seek Wisdom. God will grant the desires of your heart when you live to His glory.

If you live close to the city of Chino, California, or you happen to be in the neighborhood you are welcome to visit and see this very small [one man] operation. The address is 4956 Francis Avenue; Chino, California 91710. You are welcome to contact us on the ContactUs page if you like.

Check back soon for a larger listing of Natural Remedies!

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