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And Asa in the thirty and ninth year of his reign was diseased in his feet, until his disease was exceeding great: yet in his disease he sought not to the Lord, but to the physicians.

2 Chronicles 16:12

Diabetes - type two, insulin resistant adult onset diabetes - is potentially, and can be a deadly disease. Diabetes is largely a lifestyle disease. That means that, in general terms, it really is a disease of choice (we choose how we want to and will live). In this case, it is the choice to follow unhealthy lifestyle health practices: Perhaps, it may also be a disease of ignorance of the knowledge of good health practices. The implication is that Type 2 Diabetes can be avoided by following good and healthy lifestyle choices. Also, when unhealthy lifestyle practices are replaced with healthy lifestyle choices, then there is hope to reverse this disorder or imbalance if too much damage has not already occurred.

Seek first to the Lord, YAHWAH and His Son, Immanuel, for your healing! And neglect not to consult your physician and/or health provider and/or health practitioner for information, knowledge, and treatment for any serious health problems. "Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counselors there is safety." Proverbs 11:14 Knowledge is precious, and by knowledge will the Lord save His people. May you be generously profited, and may you be healed by the living God in your search for truth, healing and health! Amen and Amen.

Diabetes - Type 2

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What Is Diabetes?

A Layman's Definition:

Glucose is the body's main energy supply at the cellular level. Diabetes is the condition where in body at the cellular level develops the inability to properly, sufficiently, and completely metabolize or utilize glucose. Consequently, as we eat from day to day, glucose levels continue to increase in the blood. When the glucose levels in the blood become too high the conditions known as pre-diabetes, on-set diabetes, and diabetes develop. Diabetes can be extraordinarily dangerous to health: Perhaps the greatest danger is reduced blood circulation at the microscopic level - capillaries. Reduced blood micro-circulation can result in eye damage/diseases such as: glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, etc., and eventually blindness; liver and kidney damage; nerve damage; skin infections; and eventual amputations of the extremities (fingers, toes, feet, and legs). Exploring this link to the American Diabetes Association the reader can begin to comprehend the vast array of the disorders that can be caused by diabetes.

Glycation of proteins [the process and overwhelming propensity of glucose or other sugar molecules to combine with protein] occur when blood glucose levels become too high; and the Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs) attach themselves to blood cells. AGEs remain in the blood stream until the blood cell to which it/they is/are attached dies/die [about 4 months or 120 days], and is/are replaced by a new blood cell/s. During the approximately 120 day life-cycle of the blood cells onto which AGEs (Advanced Glycation End Products) are bonded to the blood cells they wreak the greatest of havoc and damage in the blood vessels as they circulate throughout the blood stream - this damage is especially prominent and pronounced in the smallest blood vessels and capillaries - the micro-circulatory system!

This process of Glycation, over a span of time, causes decreased or decreasing blood supply to the body parts and organs [therefore there is a decreased and decreasing oxygenation of the cells. Affected limbs and organs especially include the nerves, the extremities [feet first], the eyes, and the kidneys; but this damage is not limited to these body parts and organs. When inadequate oxygen is supplied at the cellular level it causes the premature death of the cells [also preventing new cells from growing to take the place of the dead and dying cells]. A lack of oxygen to the extremities, eyes, and organs is responsible for the many amputations, decreasing vision and loss of eyesight, and kidney failure, and etc.

Dental health is also greatly affected by the process of Glycation! Dental health, which is greatly impaired - tooth decay, and gum disease/infection problems [gingivitis] occur - suffers along with the rest of the body parts and organs from a lack of adequate oxygen supply. Even ACNE and wrinkled skin are said to be the results of AGEs or the end results of glycation products. Again - it cannot be stressed enough - PROCESSED DIETARY FATS are the root cause of all these problems; with DIABETES being, perhaps, the most devastating and disastrous of them!

This might seem ludicrous, at the first, but if one will stop and consider just one simple way that is used to process DIETARY FATS - which is heat - then it becomes easier to conclude that cooking food with fats and oils or cooking them directly in fats or oils actually changes their molecular structure! And the resulting changes are deleterious to health! Heated oils contain an abundance of free radicals. Fats and Oils that have been heated are not properly assimilated by the body. And Fats and Oils that have been heated somehow cause the body's cells to become insulin resistant: Hence the process of diabetes is started.

Good, healthy, and nourishing fats such as cold pressed virgin olive oil can be made unhealthy or less nutritious and less healthy by the process of cooking (heating). A BETTER IDEA is to add healthy fats and oils to cooked or heated foods after the cooking and heating are done: When food is at eating temperature, then add only healthy fats and oils! The taste will be superior and the nutrition will be complete and excellent !

The process of diabetic destruction results in damaged nerve cells; restricted and blocked blood vessels and occluded capillaries causing restriction of life giving oxygen because of reduced blood flow - given enough time without intervention, extremities become injured and cannot heal which causes gangrene and the many resultant amputations. Eye tissues become damaged by inadequate blood flow; and, therefore, lack of life giving oxygen due to the blocked, clogged, and damaged blood vessels. Blindness and impaired vision are common. Kidneys are damaged and fail requiring the use of mechanical kidneys [dialysis machines]. A very slow but sure form of suffocation ensues, and as the body organs progressively are damaged and finally shut down, death eventually ensues.

All of this is the result of a lack of information; and poor life style choices. All of which could have been avoided by knowledge and choosing good over that which is not good.

What Causes Diabetes?

A lack of dietary Chromium or a Chromium Deficient Diet can lead to Type-two Diabetes. Chromium is an essential requirement for both normal fat and normal sugar metabolism. Brazil Nuts, Broccoli, and Dried Dates are abundant sources of dietary chromium.

Consuming too much processed dietary fat. This may be in the form of what seem to be and appear to be 'good oils' such as: roasted or toasted walnut oil, roasted or toasted sesame oil, roasted or toasted peanut oil, and etc. While these oils might seem to be 'good fats'; it is because they are processed with heat - the roasting and/or toasting process - causes them to be unsuitable for consumption - and heat processed dietary fats can be deadly! A visit to the grocery store will prove that these kind of fats are every where: they are ubiquitous!

Not only are these unhealthy fats and oils to be found in the grocery market, they are found in almost all prepared foods whether packaged or served in a restaurant or fast food venues. But not only are processed oils and fats to be found there: We manufacture our own processed fats in our own kitchens when be bake, fry, boil, and heat our foods. There is a much better way to consume healthy fats and oils, and that is to add only healthy and pure cold pressed, first pressed, and virgin oils to our foods when they are finished being prepared and cooked are already at eating temperature just before being eaten! By consuming healthy fats and oils in this manner we can significantly improve our health! Aw-mane' and Aw-mane'.

What Does Too Much Fat Do?

Too much unhealthy dietary fat causes the cell receptors for insulin to become 'clogged' or blocked so that insulin molecules released by the pancreas cannot attach themselves to the individual cell receptors for insulin molecules. Insulin is a trigger that opens the 'gates' or doors of the cell to glucose - facilitates permeability of the cell's membrane [cell wall] to glucose; allowing glucose to enter into the cell or pass through the cell membranes to provide life-giving energy to the cell.

One of the results of the fat clogged insulin receptors on the body's cells is that blood glucose level continue to climb within the blood stream. Increased blood glucose levels are associated with Advanced Glycation End Products - (AGEs).

Healthy Fats and Oils

First, remember that any fat or oil that has been processed by heat, chemicals, catalytic conversion, and other industrial processes is rendered unhealthy and unfit for consumption. It is interesting to note that animal fats are somewhat less susceptible to heat damage. If, after learning of and becoming aware of the dangers of heat processed fats, you insist on frying, deep frying, baking, roasting, and etc: Even though animal fats are highly saturated fats, they just might be superior to vegetable fats for the purpose. It is time for you to do some research!

Remember, also, that heating fats causes changes at the molecular level: The more volatile components of the oils are driven off (evaporated): And - Free radicals are created in abundance and caused to exist by the hot oils combining with oxygen. All in all, heating any oil damages the oil and makes it unhealthy to the human body. But there are good and healthy oils that are beneficial and even essential to health.

Examples of some of the healthy oils are: Virgin Avocado oil; Organic Flax Seed oil; Raw Un-Roasted Walnut oil; some cold water Fish oils; Sea Buckthorn oil; Extra Virgin Olive oil; and Coconut oil. Remember you are looking for cold pressed, first pressed, virgin/extra virgin oils. If an oil has been pressed from roasted nuts or seeds, it is unfit to use - it is a heat processed oil!

It must be remembered that you will want to put these healthy oils onto foods which are already at room temperature, even straight out of the refrigerator, or - if it is a cooked food - food that has cooled to eating/serving temperature.

What To Do?

Stop eating any and all processed fats. A person prone to diabetes should eliminate all processed dietary fats! Processing of fats is not only and just - the heating of fats, that is only one form of processed fats: Think of industrial solvent extraction and processing (olive pomice oil for example); esterfied/interestified fats; hydrogenated fats; trans fatty acids; catalytic converted fats such as vegetable/magnesium sterates; and etc.

Exercise daily! Exercise is vital to the body. The body was designed for activity and movement. Exercise is one of the eight fundamental health laws! It is Essential.

How does exercise help? Somehow exercise causes the cells' insulin receptors to become 'un-clogged'. Exercise facilitates removal of the blockage of the cells' insulin receptors caused by excess dietary fat. And the cells ability to utilize glucose starts to be restored! Exercise helps the body cope with excess glucose in the bloodstream. And because the cells are once more able to utilize glucose, the deadly buildup of glucose in the blood is alleviated - or mitigated. Even though exercise is of very great benefit, perhaps the diabetics' highest priority ought to be the elimination of the unhealthy fats in the diet that originally caused the problem in the first place!

Eliminate the Unhealthy Fats and Oils

The unhealthy fats - heat processed and altered fats (fried foods, deep-fried foods, roasted foods containing oils and fats, baked foods containing oils and fats, and etc.); oils made from Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) for example oils made from GMO seeds and grains; chemically modified and altered oils such as hydrogenated fats and oils, partially hydrogenated fats and oils, esterfied fats and oils, trans-fats, and etc.; oils made from roasted/baked nuts, grains, and seeds; magnesium stearate fats and oils and their related cousins stearic acids and other stearates - must be removed from the diet if the diabetic really wishes to enjoy life as the Creator made it!

And removing the unhealthy fats and oils from the diet is not anywhere as impossible as it might at first appear. The diabetic really only needs to substitute good healthy oils in the place of the unhealthy ones. Making the change from consuming unhealthy fats and oils to eating healthy fats and oils is not necessarily simple: The person who is committed to making the change will need to educate himself about healthy fats and oils; and then learn how to use fats and oils so that they do not become unhealthy fats and oils. Healthy Oils and Fats should only be added to cooked food after the cooking process! Add healthy fats and oils to food that is cooled to serving/eating temperature or foods at room temperature or less. Making the change is not all that difficult - changing the old habits is a different matter - and sometimes it is a matter of the heart! I have known more than one person who knows to do well, but chooses to do what is not profitable. Prayer can give victory over changing bad habits, and changing the heart and mind! Aw-mane' and Aw-mane'.

What About Broccoli and Egg Yokes?

Both broccoli and egg yokes contain the element Chromium in high amounts. Dietary Chromium is an efficient way to increase insulin sensitivity - that is to say: the greater (higher) the insulin sensitivity the smaller amount of insulin needed for cellular metabolism of glucose which automatically lowers blood glucose levels. Some other foods high in dietary Chromium are: Brazil Nuts; Barley Grain; and Grape Juice. Note: Vitamin C improves absorption of Chromium. Eat your broccoli!

What About Cinnamon?

This is a very good question! It deserves an answer. Consider that Ellen G. White advised or warned God's people about the danger of Cinnamon. But, be advised that not all cinnamon is equal. There are different types (species) of cinnamon. And, yes there is a danger! The most common cinnamon, Cassia Cinnamon, contains a compound that destroys the liver cells.

This compound is called: Coumarin a potent blood thinner [think of Coumadin/Warfarin which is manufactured using Coumarin]. And a very interesting thing is that this substance, Coumarin, is not water soluble. This means that the water soluble and beneficial compounds and ingredients found in Cinnamon can be easily separated by creating a solution of water and Cinnamon [boil water and cinnamon together]; and then filtering the Cinnamon particles out using nothing more complicated than a coffee filter!

A Different Cinnamon?

Remember that not all cinnamon is equal or the same! Cinnamon verum, aka Ceylon cinnamon or Cinnamomum verum or Cinnamomum zeylanicum contains much, much less Coumarin than the common Cinnamomum cassia or Cinnamomum burmannii (Saigon or Chinese cinnamon). True cinnamon, Cinnamon verum, is far more expensive than the other forms. The world's healthiest foods web-site whfoods.org, home page, has an interesting page on the subject of What is the difference between cinnamon and cassia?.

A Warning! Sister Ellen G. White who wrote many volumes upon the subjects of Healthy Lifestyle and Godliness warned us about the dietary use of Cinnamon. Her warning was not: that it was damaging to the liver; but that it was irritating to the stomach and the digestive system; and, therefore, does not promote good digestion and consequently good health.

A large number of researchers and health practitioners tell us that the digestive tract is the heart of the immune system. When the digestive tract becomes inflamed and irritated the immune system becomes compromised and weakened!

Will filtering Cinnamon eliminate the stomach and digestive tract irritating properties of this spice? These thoughts, ideas, and facts should be considered prayerfully! Should you decide to use cinnamon, it will be wisest to choose Cinnamomum zeylanicum or Cinnamomum verum. The extra cost can be thought of as a bargain compared to buying insulin and insulin products syringes, blood testing equipment, and etc. Besides the which insulin used to be primarily derived from pigs! And the Creator has classed them as unclean and commanded that they should not be eaten or even touched! Mostly, today's insulin comes from genetically-engineered microbes. Let the user be aware!

The bottom line here - you may ask yourself, Is this a pun? - is that cinnamon contains substances called Type A Polymers. Water-soluble Polyphenol Polymers (Type A Polymers) work to open the pathway for glucose metabolism within the body's cells and increase insulin efficiency. It increases the efficiency of Insulin up to twenty times! Cinnamon provides excellent protection against glucose build-up in the blood stream and subsequent Glycation and AGEs - Advanced Glycation End Products. Spend the money on Ceylon Cinnamon/Cinnamon Verum, also known as Cinnamomum verum or Cinnamomum zeylanicum. This investment potentially offers a much greater reward than spending your money on diabetes drugs and insulin. Aw-mane' and Aw-mane'!

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