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True Stories of Patricia Linquist

Teachings, Blessings, and Lessons
- down memory lane

Table of Contents

This World Is Not My Home

My Sunshine Girl

Treasure in a Trash Can

His Majesty Displayed

the M. B.


Ninety Dollars

The Day I Held Life in the Palm of My Hand

His Voice

The Story of Petiedink

This World Is Not My Home

An Invitation to Visit On-Line, and In Person!

I want to extend an invitation to you today to visit Angels 3 HealthPage regularly! New information is being added continually. This web-site is dedicated to you, the reader, for your eternal profit! My great desire is to see and meet you in the eternal kingdom of Yahweh! And to this end this little and humble web-site, Angels 3 HealthPage is here to assist you in preparations, both physically and spiritually, for the final events soon to come upon the earth. This web-site has been prepared for your profit! Come visit us in person, and we can talk face to face! Please come and be profited, and be benefited.

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Thomas Jeffery Forney


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